At the beginning of World War II, thousands of men were arrested in Britain. They came originally from Italy, Germany and Austria (including German and Austrian Jewish refugees). A number of these men had become British citizens. Young and old men alike became interned. On the 2nd July, 1940, 1,300 of these internees were put on board the former Blue Star luxury liner, Arandora Star. They were being sent to prison camps in Canada. A group of the Italian internees came from small communities in Wales, where they had lived, raised families and built up businesses. Just a few hours into their journey, off the north coast of Ireland, a U-Boat fired a torpedo at the military grey Arandora Star and sunk it. 805 men were drowned including crew and army guards. The majority who died (470) were Italian. The internees who survived were brought back to the UK, and then immediately shipped to a prison camp in Australia.

The Memorial Fund is run by volunteers. We are an independent committee and not affiliated to any organisation. We welcome anyone who supports our work. to honour and celebrate the lives of all those from Wales who perished when the internee ship, Arandora Star, was sunk in World War 2. We will also remember the victims' families and the survivors. In July 2010, on the 70th Anniversary of the sinking, this tragic event will be commemorated by the unveiling of a permanent memorial. The memorial will be on display in Cardiff's Metropolitan Cathedral of St. David.


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